photo policy


We love our spaces just as much as you do — and we’re so happy you’re excited to photograph and share! With that in mind, we ask you please respect our highly-designed spaces and the privacy of our hotel guests and visitors while taking any images.

Photography Guidelines

Mobile phone photography is permitted with limitations:
• No more than 5 minutes of dedicated photo taking please.
• Privacy and respect for hotel guests must be observed at all times.
• Doors, hallways, passages, elevators, etc. may not be blocked for any reason.
• Spaces must remain 100% intact (furniture, design elements, seating, etc. cannot be moved, rearranged, or stood on).
• Respect for the working staff must be considered at all times.
• No outside lighting equipment (ring light, tripod, etc.) is permitted.

Photoshoot Requests

Any editorial, private and/or large-scale professional photoshoots with equipment will need to be pre-approved and are subject to an on-site location fee. Please note that location fees start at $500 but vary based on lost revenue from food and beverage outlets, nature of activity, and labor needed to facilitate. Media and influencer trade partnerships will be considered on a case-by-case basis. A minimum of 14 days advance notice is requested.

Please fill out the below form based on the nature of your request:
Influencer Photoshoot Request
Hotel Guest Photoshoot Request
Media Visit Request